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Chimney Cowls

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All sizes are approximate.


Suitable for all fires, solid, gas, fire or wood. Galvanised steel Chimney Cowl, used to prevent rain entering the chimney and birds nesting.


The Bird Guard is spot welded and riveted to the side prongs, this then gives more strength to the whole structure enabling the prongs to be pushed in or pulled out to accommodate the diameter of the chimney.


Easy installation, simply align the three inner prongs onto the outside of your chimney pot, and pull the outer prongs over the outside edge and fit the strap.

Suitable for Chimney Pots with an inside diameter: 7" up to 10" or 175mm up to 250mm.

Diameter of the top Cowl - 330mm or 13" overall height from top to bottom 140mm or 5.5"

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