- Galvanised feed bins.
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Galvanized feed bins and storage containers
Large feed binLarge feed binLarge feed binMedium feed bin
Low storage /feed binSmall feed binSmall feed binMedium feed bin

  • Manufactured in the UK using quality galvanized sheet metal.
  • Our containers are versatile and suitable for many uses storing animal feed, coal, rubbish, garden tools, and     COSHH Substances Hazardous to Health.  
  • Strong and Durable, 
  • The unique slip &, slide design gives added strength when assembled this means that no spot welds and pop rivets are used in the main construction of the bin.
  • A flat lid makes it easier to place your saddle or equipment on the top of the feed bin.
  • Secure your contents and use a padlock (not supplied)
  • The base of the feed bin is raised thus eliminating water ingress.
  • Rust Proof & Rodent Proof
  • Supplied Flat Pack includes all fixings
  • Dividers are available to separate your feed.  
Small feed bin
Holds approx 125 kg of feed
height 35" /  89 cm
width 20" /  51 cm
depth 20" /  51 cm 
Medium feed bin
Holds approx 250 kg of feed
height 35" /  89 cm
width  29" / 74 cm
depth 20.5" / 52 cm
Large feed bin
Holds approx 500 kg of feed
height 35"/ 89 cm
width 44" / 112 cm
depth 26" /  66 cm
Storage container/blanket box
Galvanized Storage Container, suitable for wheelchair users. Easy access and can be secured with a lock (not supplied). 
height  20" /50 cm 
 width 44"/112 cm 
depth 21"/51 cm